What Is 360 Junior Golf?

The goal of 360 Junior Golf is threefold: improve players' overall skill set, offer guidance through the junior tournament landscape, and provide college counseling to enable players and families to make educated decisions about college selection and scholarship offers.

360 Junior Golf provides supplemental services outside the realm of a traditional swing coach. We focus primarily on short game development and course management to improve a player's overall ability to score. We will also work directly with a player's established swing coach to reinforce technical swing instruction or offer swing instruction options to any player not currently working with a coach. Ultimately, we teach junior players to compete and take their game to the next level.

In addition to performance enhancement, the cornerstone of 360 Junior Golf is tournament planning and college counseling. We help players and parents navigate the junior tournament landscape, optimize their tournament performance, and increase players' exposure to colleges. Our unique five step college counseling process allows us to match a player's ability and personality with the right universities, golf programs, and coaching styles. The main objective of our junior golf program is to develop a junior golfer into a college scholarship player.

To meet the needs of all our clients, we offer our services through two program options: 360 Intensive and 360 Select.

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Ned Michaels