Performance Enhancement

Comprehensive Player Assessment

Every player who joins 360 Junior Golf will undergo a thorough player assessment which provides a ground level view of a player's skill set, strengths, and weaknesses. These tests yield critical information we will use to build an individualized improvement plan for each student. The player assessment includes the following:

  • Physical assessment

  • 3D Kinematic Swing Analysis

  • Technical Swing Analysis/Skills Assessment

  • Mental Evaluation with Sports Psychologist

  • Review of Results and Action Plan


  • 1 day program/2 hours per week

  • 2 day program/4 hours per week

  • 3 day program/6 hours per week

On Course Playing Sessions

  • 1 day program/every 4 weeks

  • 2 day program/every 2 weeks

  • 3 day program/every week

Weekly Practice Plans

  • What to practice

  • How to practice

  • Time allotment per skill

Mental Training

  • Goal Setting

  • Pre Shot Routine

  • Mental Preparation

  • Course Management/Decision-making

Physical Training

  • Personalized workout program

  • Emphasis on functional movement, flexibility, and injury prevention

  • Different training models for time of year

  • 90 min w/ J. Cotta