360 Select Program

The Select Program was built for players in need of greater flexibility in their schedules, skill sets, and/or financial commitments. The same service options offered in the Intensive Program are available in the Select Program on an a la carte basis. For a low monthly membership fee, our clients gain access to an entire team of golf-specific instructors and services at deeply discounted rates. This program allows players the ability to design their own unique plan for success at a fraction of the standard cost per service.

Roll over the program bubbles to view the details. Program Selection Instruction offered at discounted hourly rates by Ned Michaels or any of the 360 consulting intructors: Virgil Herring, Patrick Jackson, or Matt Killen. Course management<br /><br />Mental approach to shots<br /><br />Insuring proper implementation of technical swing changes<br /><br />Learn from watching world class players What to practice<br /><br />How to practice<br /><br />Time allotment per skill Help students and families navigate the landscape of Junior Golf tours<br /><br />AJGA, tours other than the AJGA<br /><br />Using tournaments as a springboard to scholarships<br /><br />Planning around vacations and potential burn out Peak performance timing<br /><br />Tournament course homework<br /><br />Shot Specific Practice (SSP)<br /><br />Isolated Short Game Practice Game planning for the tournament course<br /><br />Properly marking and using a yardage book<br /><br />Properly utilizing a practice round<br /><br />Most efficient use of time on Range, Short Game area, and Putting Green Setting Daily and Tournament Goals<br /><br />Practicing Visualization<br /><br />Course Management<br /><br />Garnering attention from College Coaches<br /><br />Post round Statistical Analysis Goal Setting<br /><br />Pre Shot Routine<br /><br />Mental Preparation<br /><br />Course Management/Decision-making Personalized workout program<br /><br />Emphasis on functional movement, flexibility, and injury prevention<br /><br />Different training models for time of year Concentrates on functional movement<br /><br />Steady movement from one position to the next<br /><br />Improves strength, flexibility, core stability, balance, rotational axis, and breathing technique Short Game<br /><br />Driving the ball<br /><br />Distance control with wedges<br /><br />Skill Testing<br /><br />Course Management Various instructional camps are offered throughout the year to prepare players for key junior tournaments such as the AJGA events, US Junior Amateur and US World Junior. Coach Michaels will take players to a multi-day tournament<br /><br />Coach Michaels will oversee all aspects of the student’s tournament experience ACT and SAT Prep classes<br /><br />Specific subject tutoring by the hour Identify Schools<br /><br />Establish Recruiting Game Plan<br /><br />Build an Effective Recruiting Package<br /><br />Meeting Preparation with Coaches<br /><br />Negotiate Scholarship Offers Physical assessment<br /><br />3D Kinematic Swing Analysis<br /><br />Technical Swing Analysis/Skills Assessment<br /><br />Mental Evaluation with Sports Psychologist<br /><br />Review of Results and Action Plan